The High Point University Marching Panthers

"The Spirit of HPU"

In August 2020, High Point University brought back their marching band! The High Point University Marching Panthers, The Spirit of HPU, began entertaining audiences in the spring of 2021, and we want YOU to be a member! We are a proud band family striving for excellence while building a strong community and having FUN. In support of this new musical ensemble, we are offering $12,000 scholarships (spread over four (4) years) to incoming freshmen! Whether you've been in a marching band or not, we have a place for you in our band family.

For 2022-2023, all band members are required to interview for a spot in the Marching Panthers band. In addition, we will have playing "tests" to determine part assignments. The Panther Pulse Drum Line will have auditions for spots in the line. The Color Guard will have auditions for admission into their group. We are looking for ways to adopt you into our family, not exclude you from our group! PLEASE give the interview/audition a try!

Our band is comprised of 97% non-music majors. These talented students accept the challenge to support our athletic teams, promote spirit across campus, and have a LOT of fun with other amazing students. In addition, every year, nearly 80% or more of our band members are recognized as Millis Scholar Athletes. We have nearly twenty (20) different degree programs represented in our band. If you are struggling in a course, we likely have students who have taken the course and can advise/tutor you on how to be successful. The Marching Panthers is open to all students. (Our current rehearsal schedule is: Sunday 3:00-6:00, and Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm)

All Marching Panthers members are required to attend Band Camp in August 2022. (specific dates will be determined by the end of the spring semester) As a member of the Marching Panthers, you will be able to move in to your room earlier than other students. You will be able to meet new people, explore campus, and start preparing our first show for move-in weekend. Our band members have shared that band camp is one of their favorite times of the year. We work hard! But we also have a LOT of fun! We establish a lot of our work ethic during band camp, and that makes it possible for us to rehearse only 5-6 hours per week and still prepare quality entertainment. Please make plans to join us at Band Camp.

By joining the band, you will be officially added to our Marching Panthers roster - Congratulations! We cannot wait to make music with you!! If you need to make any changes to your information, or are unable to do band for any reason after submitting this form, please email Dr. Frye at and let us know so we can adjust our records.

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