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Panther Band Staff

Meet the High Point University Marching Panthers Staff—these folks are the heartbeat of our band! Catch them leading the charge, bringing excellence to every note, and keeping the good times rolling. They're not just staff; they're the awesome crew making the Marching Panthers experience unforgettable!

Panther Band Performances

Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying performances of the High Point University Marching Panthers! These performance clips showcase the dynamic fusion of musical talent and precision marching that defines our spirited ensemble. From halftime shows to lively parades, each clip encapsulates the energy, dedication, and pure joy that resonates through every beat and step.

Join Our Ranks

Hey future Marching Panther! The High Point University Marching Panthers are on the lookout for talented musicians and spirited performers like you! Picture this: a dynamic blend of music, marching, and a whole lot of Panther pride. Join our tight-knit musical family at HPU, where we're not just about playing tunes; we're about creating a show-stopping experience. Whether you're a brass enthusiast, percussion pro, or color guard extraordinaire, there's a spot for you in our spirited ranks. Let's march to the beat of success together! Ready to step into the spotlight with the HPU Marching Panthers?

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Thinking About Joining?

If you're passionate about music, energy, and creating unforgettable performances, we want you to join our spirited ensemble!

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